Vertical Bathroom Lights

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Hi beloved reader, trying to find new ideas for your bathroom lights? Tired of cringing at your out-of-date vanity light? Brighten your morning routine with new bathroom lighting.

Choose from a variety of styles.

  • Looking for a wall sconce?
  • Recessed shower light?
  • Three-, four-, five-light vanity light?
Variety of Lights Style

But how does this all work together? The mirror is the focal point of any bathroom, so start there.

Place a vanity light 75 to 80 inches from the floor. Then add wall sconces 66 inches from the floor. Now your mirror is lit evenly from all sides. Perfect for applying makeup, flossing or shaving.

Vanity Lights Position

For extra lighting in the shower, or water closet, a shower trim recessed light is a good choice. It’s sealed, wet-rated and ready to go.

Extra Lighting in the shower

If you have a bathroom the size of a house, you can use almost any type of lighting that suits your fancy. Just be sure any bath lighting fixtures that come in contact with water are wet-rated.

Safety first! Now let’s take talk style.

Let your existing bathroom finishes be your guide. Match lighting fixtures to the sink faucet or the showerhead (include this if visuals need verbal support or if time allows). Or, if you don’t want to match this and that, grab a lighting collection and you’re done.

Lights Collection Make It So Easy

That’s it.

Now you can enjoy a well-lit bathroom.
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