Bathroom Vanity Mirror And Light Ideas
38 Bathroom Vanity Mirror And Light Ideas

38 Bathroom Vanity Mirror And Light Ideas

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21. Diamond Mirror Arrangement.

Diamond Mirror Arrangement

Choose shapes that are a reflection of your personality and design style.

22. Circle Mirror Collection.

Circle Mirror Collection

Choose varying sizes for a gallery wall effect.

23. Unframed Circular Mirrors.

Unframed Circular Mirrors

Place mirrors along a single wall to avoid over populating the space.

24. Small Hanging Mirrors.

Small Hanging Mirrors

Hang small mirrors from hooks to create designated sink areas.

25. Gold-Framed Hanging Mirror.

Gold-Framed Hanging Mirror

Merge old and new styles by hanging a vintage mirror.

26. Wooden Hanging Mirror.

Wooden Hanging Mirror

Hang a mirror slightly away from the wall to create a floating effect.

27. Nautical-Inspired Hanging Mirror.

Nautical-Inspired Hanging Mirror

Using a thick rope evokes seaside vibes.

28. Side-Lit Mirrors.

Side-Lit Mirrors

Lighting the sides of mirrors creates lots of light.

29. Recessed Lighting.

Recessed Lighting

Adding an inset with recessed lighting is a great option.

30. Oversized Backlit Mirror.

Oversized Backlit Mirror

Illuminating a large mirror from behind givesoff an inviting glow.