Easy to Fix a Clogged Sink

Easy to Fix a Clogged Bathroom Sink

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Today, I want to take a look at unclogging a drain. So if you have a clogged sink, it can be a pretty easy thing to fix. So let’s take a look at how to do that.

When you will fix clogged sink, one of the first things you want to do is remember you’re going to be taking off the drain pipe down below. So, I like to do something to remind myself not to turn on the faucet. Otherwise, you’re gonna send water down to a place that’s not going down the sewer.

All right, so, under the sink, first, get things cleared out, make sure you put a bucket of some kind under the goose neck, or the P-trap.

You’re gonna get a little bit of water that runs out. It may get a little bit smelly as well. I’ll warn you of that. Because the purpose of this goose neck here is that there’s water that its in here all the time. And that water acts as a trap to block any sewer gas from finding its way back up, so if you’re ever wondering why there’s a goose neck, that’s the reason.

To work on this, we’re gonna loosen the rings, some water’s gonna start coming out. We’ll just slide this thing down, like so, and dump it out.

Now the next thing we’re gonna do is disconnect, there’s this rod that actually goes back to the drain plug up above, so undo that. We’ve got to unscrew that.

This one’s gotten a little bit of corrosion on it. We’re gonna pull out the piece. That’s going to allow us to pull this guy out. We’re gonna set this a side, but we’re gonna clean this off.

The Rod that Actually Goes Back to the Drain Plug Up Above

So to clean it out, I like to take a newspaper, and work it down, it’s gonna chase everything down into the bucket below. Use a big screwdriver or you could use something else in there to help push this down once my fingers can’t get it anymore. Pull that out of the bottom, and then send another one down.

Obviously, make sure you’ve taken the P-trap off down below before you start down. Otherwise it’s not going to work so well. You don’t want to try to send this down to the sewer.

You could use paper towels or some other soft, flexible paper when you do this. So, now that you’ve chased all this junk out, you’re ready to work on putting the sink back.

The Newslatter to Pull All This Junk Out of Drain Pipe

Check out the inside, see if there’s anything you need to clean out. And then reconnect it.

Reconnect the Goose Neck or the P-Trap

Slide it up and get, and see there’s these gaskets you’re going to get nice and tight, right around the edge, now before, tighten a little bit down on one side, and then come over to the other side and start tightening.

You can do that to work your way between the two rings on the P-trap, as you tighten them down, and that’ll help the gasket sit nice and smooth, and get this guy cleaned off. Hopefully, you don’t have any drip, if you do, tighten things down a little bit more.

Make sure you ‘ve wiped all the water off, and then keep an eye on this over the next couple days, maybe leave a bucket down below. A dry bucket to check on and be sure there’s no water leaking.

So, there we have it, now we’ve got our sink fixed and pretty straightforward, easy to do. Save yourself some money from calling the plumber to fix your clogged sink.

Do it yourself.


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