How to Install a Pedestal Sink In The Bathroom

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Hi beloved reader, trying to find new ideas how to install your bathroom sink with a pedestal sink? Calm down, we’ll show you how to do it step by step.

Give your bathroom style and more room with a pedestal sink. Before you start, check the installation instructions for support, and plumbing requirements.

Some pedestal sinks require a support board behind the finished wall for extra strength. Therefore, we require additional installation by marking the sink height on the wall, cut out part of the wallboard and studs, and install the support board with screws.

Install The Support Board For Pedestal Sink

Then repair the wall surface. This is an ideal time to install wall tile, painting or new flooring.

To install the new pedestal sink, mark the centerline on the wall and floor. Then make a mark 10 inches from the wall, accounting for the baseboard.

Mark The Centerline On The Wall And Floor

Position the pedestal on the mark, and set the sink tight against the wall, check for level and adjust the pedestal as needed.

Position The Pedestal On The Mark And Set The Sink

Mark the sink’s anchor holes on the wall and the pedestal hole on the floor.

Mark The Sink’s Anchor Holes

And Then, move the sink and pedestal aside, and drill the holes.

Move The Sink And Drill The Holes

Next, install hanger bolts in the wall, leaving about 1 inch extending from the wall. Next, secure the pedestal to the floor with a lag bolt and washer. Don’t over tighten.

Install Hanger Bolts In The Wall

Attach the faucet and drain before setting the sink bowl in place. Now position it over the hanger bolts, level it, and secure it with cap nuts and washers. Again, don’t over tighten.

Attach The Faucet And Drain Then Position It

Reconnect the drain and water supply, and then check for leaks.

Reconnect The Drain And Water Supply

Consider adding a new mirror and lighting fixture to match the look of your new sink.
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