Drain Pipe Plumbing Installation For A Bathroom Sink

Drain Pipe / Plumbing Installation For A Bathroom Sink

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Hi beloved reader, in this time we’re going to tell you about how to install drain pipe / plumbing for a bathroom sink. To begin you’ll need a mechanical pop-up drain, plumbers putty, channel lock pliers, a plastic container and a cloth.

The plumbing / drain collar, or flange, helps connect the waste pipe and drain of your sink. Over time, the metal of the collar can become rusted or cracked. Even though this collar sits above the sink drain, you will need to replace the whole drain assembly.

First, place the plastic container under the sink and drain pipe the P-Trap. Use the channel lock pliers to loosen and unscrew the nut on the back of the trap.

Now, unscrew the second nut and remove the trap. If you have a P-Trap without a drain, simply loosen the nut and pivot the trap out of the way.

Disconnect the Drain

Use the channel lock pliers to unscrew the nut on the bottom of the drain. And then, remove the rubber gasket. Now, pull out the drain. Clean any excess plumber’s putty from the sink hole.

Remove the Drain

First, take a small amount of plumbers putty and roll it into a snake. Place the putty around the drain. Push the drain collar down into the hole. Any excess putty will be pushed out and can be easily removed after the rest of the drain is installed.

Slide the rubber gasket onto the shaft. Now, put the washer on and hand tighten the nut. Screw the bottom of the drain on and rotate until the mechanical pop-up is facing the back of the sink. Now tighten the nut an extra quarter turn to lock in place. Finally, clean off any excess putty.

Install the Drain

Place the pop-up stopper in with the notch facing towards the front of the sink. Insert the pivot rod into the notch and tighten the nut to hold it in place. Insert the pivot rod into one of the extension rod holes and replace the clip to hold it tight. Test the popup by raising the lift rod.

If needed, insert the pivot rod into a different hole until the popup works smoothly.

Place the nut on the bottom of the drain. Reconnect the P-Trap on and hand tighten both of the nuts. Now hand tighten the cap.

Reconnect the Drain

Finally, test your faucet and check for any leaks.

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