How To Remove A Bathroom Vanity

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Hello my precious visitor, searching for how to remove a bathroom vanity? In this article, we will show you how to doing that. Update the look of your bathroom with a new vanity sink. Installation is easy, we’ll show you how step by step.

For the first, think about the height of your new sink and vanity. You can install Vessel sink or Pedestal sink for your new vanity.

To remove your vanity, don’t forget to turn off the water supply, and then turn on the faucet to relieve pressure in the lines. Loosen the nuts to remove the drain pipes, Use a small bucket to catch water in the pipes. And disconnect the water lines from the valves.

The First Step to Remove a Bathroom Vanity


Disconnect The Drain Pipes and The Water Lines

Cut the sealant along the backsplash and remove it. If your vanity is secured to the wall, separate the top from the vanity with a putty knife, lift it off and back out the screws.

Remove The Backsplash And Upper Part Of The Vanity


Pull Out The Vanity And Back Out The Screws

Pull it out carefully. After the vanity out you can make plumbing repairs and clean it. And it’s also a good time to paint, install wall tile or replace the floor.


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